District Heating...

A bit about District Heating and our services...

Having worked on many different District Heating systems, we have great experience and knowledge of what a district heating scheme entails and requires.

District heating is most common with a centralised heating plant (such as Biomass or gas CHP) which is large enough to heat several consumers from the same plant, this heat is transported through a highly insulated pipework underground and distributed to the consumers that require the heat. In most instances district heating in the UK involves heating many domestic properties and has been widely used in conjunction with Biomass Boilers to districute heat to these properties, some of these properties may have a HIU (Heat Interface Unit) or individual plate heat exchangers to provide a break between the water in the large district heating system and the water within the domestic properties systems.

District heating is now considered to be a efficient form of heating as the single heating plant will usually have a large buffer/storage vessel which it will heat as required rather than several small boiler systems firing on demand continually and using more energy.

District heating pipework

Repair services

Having many years experience of installing district heating pipework, we are able to offer repair and replacement services.

With specialist tooling and equipement required, it's not something you can call up your local plumber for, so feel at ease that we can sort any problems for you.

Consultancy services

Project management & Consultancy services are something we offer to clients who are considering installing district heating.

Often larger M&E based companies or local plumbing contractors do not have the experience that only comes with having installed district heating.