Biomass has become one of the most widely installed Renewable technologies within the UK, mainly thanks to the Government's RHI scheme, and with this new technology comes a range of services available.

Biomass covers all types of wood burning (or solid fuel) appliances, from Log Boilers, Woodchip boilers to Pellet boilers and now more recently Waste wood boilers.

We have a range of services for this technology and can even offer tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Biomass Boiler Servicing

As part of our range of services we can offer a comprehensive Biomass Boiler service.

Our service offering covers more than most andis very cost effective, take a look at our servicing area to find all about servicing and our related services.

Fuel store ceaning

Fuel store cleaning can play a pivotal part of your maintenance package and can help you cover a potential H&S issue. With the build up of fine wood dust and the potential of a confined space within fuel most fuel store, fuel store can help to prevent the risk of explosion and the build up of toxic gases.

Biomass Boiler repairs

Offering a fast and reliable repair service for most makes of Biomass boiler, we are happy to help no matter who installed the system.

Give us a call for all of your breakdown and repair requirements.

Consultancy services

Project management & Consultancy services are something we offer to clients who are considering installing this new technology.

Often larger M&E based companies or local plumbing contractors do not have the experience that only comes with having installed Biomass systems as we have.