Case Studies

A little snippet from our customers...

We hope that we always provide the highest level of service and in fact this is the philosophy our business was started on, so we have provided just a snippet of some of the works we have been involved in below to show you the extra mile that we will go when providing our services.

Herz firematic 199
ETA Hack 200 Installed
ETA Hack 200 Woodchip
ETA Boiler screen

Boiler replacement

Somerset- Sep 2019

An existing client of Howard Services had been having continued issues with their existing RHI registered Herz Firematic 199 boiler, when compared with their other boilers and so they had decided that the ongoing running costs had made it inefficient to continue running.

The client contacted Howard Services to discuss possible ideas, after reviewing several options the client decided to replace their boiler with a new highly efficient ETA boiler.

Howard Services were able to provide all services required to undertake the change; supply of new boiler, electrical, plumbing, flue modifications, commissioning and assistance with RHI changes.

The client has already noticed significant benefits from the new system, with charging time of the buffer being reduced to half with less fuel consumption.

The replacement works took less than three days for the Howard Services team and managed to utilse the existing boilers feed auger/agitator, saving the client thousands of pounds.

Boiler relocation

Shrewsbury- Jul 2019

A client of Howard Services engaged our services to decommission, move and reinstall a Froling TM500 and system from within the middle of a working factory in Methyr and reinstall the entire system at a poultry site in Shrewsbury.

The project involved completely dissassembling the boiler and it's wiring, transporting and reinstating the system at a new site. As part of the works we also had to move a 10,000ltr buffer vessel vertically through the factory before transporting and re-installing.

The project to remove and reinstall was completed over a two and half week period but was spread out due to the new site awaiting the new plant room building assembly.

We were then engaged to complete all pipework throughout the poulty houses as an addition to the works completed.

Froling TM500 Move
10,000ltr buffer
Froling TM500 Decommission
Froling TM500 Auger system
Boiler move
Reassembly of Froling TM500 boiler
Reassembly of Flue system
New install of Froling TM500
Termofarc boiler repairs
Termofarc improvements
Termofarc repipe
Termofarc Pipping
Termofarc controls
Termofarc building connection
Outside pellet store
Outside fuel pellet hopper
Termofarc flue
Outside pellet store
Outside pellet auger

Plant Room Re-fit

Cornwall- Dec 2018

Howard Services were contacted regarding a system that was running very inefficiently and the site was struggling to achieve the temperatures required. The site ran two 100kw Termofarc wood pellet boilers in a pre-packaged container with 2000ltr buffer and small internal hopper.

After some investigation Howard Services were able to identify that the system was pipped incorrectly in many ways, a proposal was put to the client to help reduce pellet consumption and achieve temperatures required.

The client engaged Howard Services and we undertook a complete re-fit of the plant room, removing all pipework, pumps and valves and installed an entirely new system with quality design, including X-Pot for system protection, additional buffer volume, export mixer, new export pump and control system.

Upon completion of the works, Howard Services achieved a considerably higher temperature to the buildings (to the temperature requested) and managed to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption.

The client was so happy with our services that they engaged Howard Services again in August 2019 to install an additional outside fuel store, to lower fuel costs by enabling them to take larger deliveries.

Boiler installation

Cornwall- Aug 2018

Howard Services were contacted by a customer looking for a used Biomass boiler in the 80-100kw size, the client was looking for a 2-3yr old boiler to utilise the higher RHI tariff.

Within 24hours Howard Services had located a boiler in a containerised plant room within the scope provided and within the clients cost range.

We designed a system to provide heat to the Manor house, large coach house and workshops across a district heating scheme. The system is designed using high quality products to increase efficiency levels throughout the site.

The installation was completed over a 2 month period, in stages to meet the clients needs.

The system provides the site with a high level of heat efficienctly using wood pellet and replaces the existing oil boilers but maintains them as back-up.

Installation of used Froling
Flue installation
Rehau heat main
Main house
Insulated building connection
Domestic connection
Workshop connection

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